The latest released version of the cookbook is available online.

The LOFAR software is continuously improving and, as a consequence, several procedures (and the cookbook itself) continuously change. In the following, we report an overview of the (recent) major changes applied to the manual.

Overview of recent major changes

Version 24.0 (2020/01/08)

  • Chapter “LOFAR Unified Calculator for Imaging (LUCI)” added

Version 23.3 (2019/06/24)

  • Chapter “Running LOFAR pipelines inside Docker” updated for singularity, lofar 4, and prefactor 3.0

Version 23.0 (2018/04/11)

  • Chapter “Running LOFAR pipelines inside Docker” added

Version 22 (2018/01/10)

  • Converted source from LATEX to reStructuredText.

  • Removed now-obsolete appendix on “Automated self-calibration” and “GNU Screen”

  • Replaced all “use” to “module load”.

  • Replaced DSA with RSA in generating SSH keys.

  • Added a new section on generating skymodels from TGSS-ADR.

  • Added a section on drawer to Data Inspection.