The WSClean Imager 1

WSClean is a command-line imager that is tailered for wide-field imaging. It supports several deconvolution methods, including multi-scale and multi-frequency deconvolution and an “RM-synthesis”-deconvolution mode. It also supports correcting images for the LOFAR beam.

To use WSClean on one of the CEP clusters, first include the WSClean environment:

module load Wsclean

A list of command line options can be acquired by running wsclean without parameters:

$ wsclean
WSClean version 2.4 (2017-05-28)
This software package is released under the GPL version 3.

An extensive manual for WSClean is available on-line, at wsclean homepage. It includes a chapter about LOFAR beam correction. WSClean has also been described in the following article:



The author of this chapter is Andre Offringa.