Request access

You can access TMSS with a LOFAR account that is also used for NorthStar and the previous specification system, MoM:

  • If you had a LOFAR account before, but forgot your password, please request a new password instead of making a new account.

If you don't have a LOFAR account, you can create a new account

To be authorized for TMSS, you also need to have the right authentication method. Please check first that you have the right password to your account by login in to the proposal tool Northstar .

If you can access that, but not TMSS, then please send a request to the SDC helpdesk stating:

"I have created an account with user name <USERNAME>. Can you grant me access on this account to TMSS?"

 You may need to reset your password for your LOFAR account to work.

Instruction videos

Login and timelines

Note: you can only see observations from your own projects on this timeline.


Checking the specifications for your projects

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Internal documentation

DOC-08 TMSS End user documentation

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