LOFAR status map

Last update 2017-01-18

Completed stations (validated by the Radio Observatory):
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CS001 [Hide]
CS002 [Hide]
CS003 [Hide]
CS004 [Hide]
CS005 [Hide]
CS006 [Hide]
CS007 [Hide]
CS011 [Hide]
CS013 [Hide]
CS017 [Hide]
CS021 [Hide]
CS024 [Hide]
CS026 [Hide]
CS028 [Hide]
CS030 [Hide]
CS031 [Hide]
CS032 [Hide]
CS101 [Hide]
CS103 [Hide]
CS201 [Hide]
CS301 [Hide]
CS302 [Hide]
CS401 [Hide]
CS501 [Hide]
RS106 [Hide]
RS205 [Hide]
RS208 [Hide]
RS210 [Hide]
RS305 [Hide]
RS306 [Hide]
RS307 [Hide]
RS406 [Hide]
RS407 [Hide]
RS409 [Hide]
RS503 [Hide]
RS508 [Hide]
RS509 [Hide]
RS310 [Hide]
DE601 [Hide]
DE602 [Hide]
DE603 [Hide]
DE604 [Hide]
DE605 [Hide]
FR606 [Hide]
SE607 [Hide]
UK608 [Hide]
DE609 [Hide]
PL610 [Hide]
PL611 [Hide]
PL612 [Hide]
IE613 [Hide]

"In progress" stations (significant construction, but not validated):
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"Non-ILT" stations:
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KAIRA [Hide]

See latest LOFAR status meeting for detailed info on the buildup of the stations.

Previous versions of this map can be found here.

Created on 2017-01-18